words and photos: Aaron Blatt

There was a brief moment in Montreal last week when our crew found ourselves staring out into the frosty waters of the St. Laurent River as a tugboat cruised by. While watching the icy wake swell and recede, we were suddenly all talking about how messed up it would be to fall off the back of the boat… Super creepy thought, but we were all going a bit insane. Our insanity was most likely brought on by the absolutely frigid reality dealt forth by the “Arctic Vortex” that the news channels have been babbling about for the last couple of weeks.

About 95% of the time, being out with a crew of friends snowboarding and documenting is literally the best job in the world. That leaves about 5% of the time where it does still feel like a job, and during the past week that 5% was due to damn near unbearable cold. Sometimes it takes harsh conditions to make us think twice about what we are doing – always coming to the conclusion that we are extremely lucky to be out  in the biting cold, riding, shooting, digging, and scouting. In order to shed some light on the details of our occupation, the photos in this post are job descriptions showcasing the many hats that we wear while on a crew during the winter time.