Clair Bidez

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Here are the results for the halfpipe qualifier in the second of two Mammoth Grand Prix US Olympic Snowboard Team qualifiers to determine who will be competing for the USA at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.

Men’s Qualifying Results

  1. Shaun White
  2. Danny Davis
  3. Dylan Bidez
  4. JJ Thomas
  5. Elijah Teter
  6. Louie Vito
  7. Nate Johnstone
  8. Zach Black
  9. Steve Fisher
  10. Matt Ladley
  11. Mathieu Crepel
  12. Luke Mitrani
  13. Andy Finch
  14. Jack Mitrani
  15. Brad Martin
  16. Scott Lago
  17. Dustin Craven

Women’s Qualifying Results

  1. Kelly Clark
  2. Hannah Teter
  3. Gretchen Bleiler
  4. Clair Bidez
  5. Holly Crawford
  6. Ellery Hollingsworth
  7. Elena Hight
  8. Madeline Schaffrick