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Resonance: Absinthe 2012 Trailer

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Resonance: Absinthe 2012 Trailer

Justin Hostynek and Absinthe Films have been breaking trail in the cinematic realm for nearly two decades and in that time they have maintained a steadfast desire to broadcast the snowboarding and snowboarders that they are inspired by in a way that best represents the riding. It looks like "Resonance" continues that creedo and more. Stars like Nicolas Müller, Gigi Rüf, Wolle Nyvelt and Bode Merrill are joined by Absinthe newcomers Eric Jackson, Brandon Cocard, Manuel Diaz and Scotty Lago. Even Danny Kass has signed on for "Resonance". This teaser does its job by causing viewers to salivate and rewind each trick in the hopes of getting a glimpse at one more frame of the insane action before being able to see the full movie. The full clips of Scotty Lago's FS 3 cork to late method, Cocard's 100 yard 50-50 or Bode's BS 7 one-footer can't come quick enough! For more info visit or

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