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Gnu’s Tube City Photos and Recap

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Gnu’s Tube City Photos and Recap

Words and Photos: Mike Yoshida

The glorious blue skies had shown themselves at the first ever Tube City competition at Snoqualmie. Jibbers from all around Washington showed up, but mostly local Seattle folk made up the fierce group of competitors, hungry to slide and spin around on the ever forgiving tubes.

One thing that I did noticed is that the current state of jibbing in Washington has upped their game in the last couple years. The North West is known for it's backcountry prowess, and the all black gore-tex, Lib riding demographic. The younger generation can do it all when it comes to pow and jib, and they have definitely abandoned the black gore and duck tape... Right out of the gates there were a handful of eager riders that seperated themselves from the rest of the pack. 540 miller flips, 360's on, gap 270's, and front board to method were a couple of tricks going down early on. The enthusiasm from this crowd was contagious, and although everyone was riding insane, one rider stood out to me. Let me introduce to you Stefan Krumm.

I met Stefan last year, while he was working as one of the members of park staff at the Summit at Snoqualmie. Soon after I witnessed his antics at Ride Shakedown, and then later on at Superpark. Fast forward to today and Krumm was pushing the level of controlled chaos as he would gap out 15 feet to 270 and barely hold on to his landing to hop up to a high speed lipslide. This kid is raw, and hungry, he has an unpolished style that is so entertaining to watch. Other jibbers to watch were: Jacob Krugmire, Andy Bergensberry, Trevor Shy, Bart Pattatuci, and the list goes on and on.

Forest Bailey, the past mayor of Tube City was there to pass on the duties to the next generation. We all new who would win, and it was obvious that Stefan deserved to hold the reigns and watch over Tube City as the mayor for the next year. Bart Pattatuci was elected Treasurer, and won a free pass to Superpark. Thanks to the Summit at Snoqualmie, Krush, and all the sponsors involved for putting on an awesome event.

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