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Best of Test 2012: #2 Rome Mod Rocker

2012 Best Of Test - Mens //
Best of Test 2012: #2 Rome Mod Rocker

There must be something in the frozen water that blankets the slopes of Stowe that breeds great snowboards. The glades, groomers, steeps, and parks of this celebrated New England peak can be found in the DNA of our top two 2012 Best of Test finishers, since these slopes are where they both were conceived and tested. Rome’s Mod Rocker is best described as a “jack of all trades, master of fun,” but a look under the topsheet reveals construction and materials that are all business. Hot out of the presses for 2012 is a new and improved implementation of the Carbon Double-Barrel Hot Rods, resulting in improved ollies and nollies. The advanced QuickRip sidecut found on the Mod Rocker achieves that rare balance of control and chaos by enabling loose low-speed nimbleness as well as solid response and stability while haulin’ ass. This is why testers weren’t shy in giving praise to Rome’s 2012 Mod Rocker.

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