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Calenticosshhh – The Video

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Calenticosshhh – The Video

From Flameball Productions:

And what is Calenticosshhh? You will ask ...
Well... Calenticosshhh is nothing but pure snowboard, joke and laugh with the homies too, but in the background is much more than that, it is the philosophy of "We do it for FUN, not for Fame", which seem have forgotten many riders in these difficult days in which we live in.

And of course, Flameball always supported the fun and happy riding mixed with the technique and style of our homies at The Flamily Crew, so we bring you the first in a series of videos in which we will be discovering our gang riders at their local snow-parks across diverse resorts and joined by several local riders and friends, burning down the slopes with their Calenticosshhh style.

The French resort of Font-Romeu is our first spot and where this little idea was born, and its snowpark the one that had to withstand the high temperatures of our riders, (Edu Martínez, JMP Chola, V Conesa "Pelocho", Oscar Cantó),and local homies, (Alexis Morillere, Dani Guri, Marc Puigvert, Gore Serrano and Melina Sanchez).

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