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Dispatches: Weena Man – Cory Grove 1.0 LDOH

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Dispatches: Weena Man – Cory Grove 1.0 LDOH

Words & Photos: Cory Grove (Cobra Dogs Owner)

Ah man, LDOH is the worst. And it's not just any LDOH, the the last LDOH of the summer. LDOHOTS if you will. Oh, right, "LDOH" is code for "last day on hill" and it sucks because it means summers days are numbered and that pisses me off. Don't get me wrong, I like Winter, but summer 2011 has been epic and I don't want it to end. You see, this is the first summer I don't have a shift every single day we are open at Cobra Dogs. That freed me up to finally do some more hanging out, snowboarding, taking pictures, and just general shenanigans, which I like, a lot. But man o man, I could not ask for a better LDOHOTS. Sad to go but winter is next and I can't wait.

See you in Park City!

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