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Tranny Finders: Behind The Scenes Video

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Tranny Finders: Behind The Scenes Video

There once was a time when jackets and pants touted as women’s riding wear was really just sized-down versions of the guys garb or anything pink. This meant that the ladies had to settle for anatomically ambiguous cuts and less-than-flattering colorways. Times have changed and now finding an ensemble that is not just functional but also fashionable is no longer a compromise.

In the Goods section of the November 2011 issue of SNOWBOARDER, the provocative lens of Peter Line exposes not only the dark and hairy underbelly of Johnnie Paxson but also the feminine side of many of today’s top male pros to prove that if this gear can make these mountain men look like the belles of the snowball, then they can turn a flatland 5 into a mountain town 10.

Check out this behind the scenes edit from Peter's photoshoot and make sure you pick up a copy of the November 2011 issue of SNOWBOARDER Magazine to see the photographic gold he captured.

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