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Hot Dawgz & Hand Rails Qualifiers Recap

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Hot Dawgz & Hand Rails Qualifiers Recap

Words: Pat Bridges
Photos: Ryan "Huggy" Hughes

Few contest spots are as coveted as being selected to appear on the start sheet at Bear Mountain's Hot Dawgz And Hand Rails. Each fall the best jibbers on earth take a jab at winning this esteemed event. Those challengers whose rep doesn't earn them the chance to ride are stuck in the crowd conjuring what could have been. Knowing the plight of these unknown rulers Red Bull, Bear Mountain and Snowboarder Magazine came together to hold an official Hot Dawgz and Hand Rails qualifier on Saturday March 17th. Over thirty riders braved the blizzard like conditions to put their boardin' abilities to the test in Bear Mountains Scene. Top tricks of the day included Tom Pelley's BS 270 out on the down-flat-down, Andrew Paine's gap to 270 on the down-flat-down, Jeremy Estorga's front blunt 270 out and back 270 to regs on the down-flat-down, and Scott Banks gap to back lip and gap to flat on the down-flat-down. Congratulations to everyone who settled the Scene on Saturday and be on the lookout for Jeremy Estorga, Jordan Small and Scott Banks as they drop in this Fall as officially invited competitors at the 2012 Hot Dawgz and Hand Rails presented by Bear Mountain and Red Bull.

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