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Volcom PBRJ at Boreal 2012 recap and photos

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Volcom PBRJ at Boreal 2012 recap and photos

words: Anders Isaacson photos: Kyle Beckmann Watch the video from Volcom's PBRJ at Boreal. On Saturday, January 5th the word of the day was ‘stick’ as the Volcom Peanut Butter and Rail Jam US Tour made its way to Boreal Mountain for the first time in the ten-year history of the prestigious event. “Did you see that guy ‘stick’ that huge transfer?” Or, “dude this peanut butter is totally ‘stuck’ to the roof of my mouth.” Contestants traveled from as far and wide as Park City, UT, Bear Mountain, CA and New Zealand to ‘stick’ their hand in the peanut butter jar, feast on free PB&J sandwiches, hopefully take home heaps of Volcom and Electric gear, and most importantly, attempt to qualify for the $15,000 championships at Mammoth Mountain on April 20, 2013. The morning started off with the 15 and Under Division strutting their stuff on the down box, a pole jam-down-flat tube, and a down tube. The format of the competition was simple: thre features, three judges, and twenty-five minutes to ‘stick’ your best trick on each feature. Combine your best score from each feature to get your total points for the round and the top twenty riders from each division moved on to the finals. Almost on cue, the clouds rolled in as the finals rolled around. While the atmosphere around the venue remained upbeat and exciting, the mood of the riders turned dark – almost possessed. You think there are no friends on a pow day? Try a competition with money and Volcom gear on the line. It didn’t matter who you were, somebody was gunning for your spot on the podium, and it didn’t matter what tricks you were throwing, somebody was trying to step you up. The action was getting so heavy that the Men’s Open Finals were extended by several minutes, as the Volcom crew couldn’t fathom putting a stop to the action. Some of the gnarlier tricks of the day included Scott Hoffman sending it off the lip of the pole jam and gapping to the down bar (a modest twenty feet), and Easton Gilman ‘sticking’ a gap 270 to flat on the kinker, which won him the “Electric Gooiest Trick of the Day.” After the on-hill award ceremony, many of the people in attendance decided to ‘stick’ around to rub shoulders with other local and regional riders and to check out the new Woodward Tahoe, which recently opened at the base of Boreal, a mere snowball throw from the lifts. Big thanks to everyone that helped make for an awesome day, including the staff at Boreal and Volcom and all the riders that ‘stuck’ it to judges Eric Leon, Lou Macias and Brent Oftedal and made it difficult to crown a winner! By the looks of things, the first Volcom PBRJ at Boreal Mountain was a huge success. The only casualties on the day were a broken board, a pallet of Gatorade and more jars of peanut butter than I could count; more importantly, the riders seemed pumped and had a blast! Say “aye” if you hope the Volcom PBRJ ‘sticks’ around Boreal for years to come. Aye! Here are your winners: 15 and Under Division: 1st: Graham Haley 2nd: Drayden Gardner 3rd: Toby Miller 4th: Joshua Douglas 5th: Caleb Bonneville 16 and Over Division: 1st: Ryland West 2nd: Jordan Welter 3rd: Blair Esson 4th: Matty Britton 5th: Andy Blanchard Girls Division: 1st: Naima Antolin 2nd: Lejawn Allen 3rd: Hailey Langland 4th: Tasha Sagucka 5th: Skittles Driscoll Open Division: 1st: Patrick Lynch 2nd: Sawyer Deen 3rd: Matt Busedu 4th: Richard Koukai 5th: Jordan Wells Electric's "Gooiest Move Of The Day": Easton Gilman (gap 270 to flat on the kinker)

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