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Nike Chosen Rail Jam: Camelback

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Nike Chosen Rail Jam: Camelback

Words & Photos: Matt Petricone

So, NIKE was just doin' it again, turning Ams to pros and whipping up another visually appealing CHOSEN rail jam at Camelback Resort in Tannersville, PA. Camelbacks "Sunbowl" was quickly transformed into a unique street style jib line, giving a real diverse group of hungry east coasters a chance to "live like a pro" for the night. It was quite a scene -- an outrageous amount of lighting, fog machines pumping up top, a live Dj bumping down below, and tons of contenders flocking in from all over to get a chance to take home some seriously cold hard cash. The 3rd stop of the tour and the tour's only east coast event seemed to summon this season's elusive winter. Nike and the Camelback terrain park staff dialed in the complete setup just in time for a surprising natural storm adding to the already alluring NIKE wonderland.

The course consisted of a straight drop-in with four main features. The right side included a pole jam or gap to platform moving right into the two down rails, one large stock round bar and another skirted single barrel rail. For the lower left set, a creeper ledge and a square down-flat bar was set into a chiseled-out extended six-stair. The course dropped out to end with a massive propane tank set up as a spine, giving riders one final option for their run. The contest was set for 4 25-minute heats in a jam format, and included 100 invited riders total. The top three from each heat moved into the finals, along with 2 wild card picks.

Giving this right-coast batch of selected Am's the opportunity to perform on such a unique playing field really put the overall vibe on another scale. The hype carried through some intense heats, pushing everyone to elevate their game and deliver some real crowd-and judge-pleasers. The overall CHOSEN talent pool was impressive to watch, with each rider trying to outshine the next in hopes for an envelope and bragging rights.


1 Rob Howell $1500
2 Tom Weiss $500
3 Tim Lyons product

Best Trick
Adam Sloth $500

1 Kelsey Boyer $500
2 Tara Eminson product

Thanks to everyone at Nike, Camelback, CBK's park staff, Liquid Lightning, and all of the many CHOSEN competitors.

Next stop of the tour will be Salt Lake City, Utah January 20th 2012, stay tuned.

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The Best Worst Road Trip Ever

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The Best Worst Road Trip Ever

Closed roads. 7 hour long detours. Lack of powder. Multiple flat tires. Stranded in a desert. Sketchy hotel rooms. It isn't an adventure until something goes wrong.

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