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RedBull Butter Cup: Mountain Creek Recap

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RedBull Butter Cup: Mountain Creek Recap

RedBull Butter Cup Showcases that Signature New Jersey Style

On February 18, 2012 RedBull brought in their famed Butter Cup Butter Pads and set up shop at Mountain Creek’s hike park, the Arena. This year the course was even more creative, and the butter pads were supplemented by features from Mountain Creek’s very own JibLab. The Arena was littered with options reminiscent of your favorite skatepark. Picnic tables, flat boxes, parallel boxes, pole jams and more were all on snow for competitors to flex their decks across.

Being the turnout is always huge for Butter Cup in Jersey, the jam had four heats: Groms, Ams, Ladies and Pros. Groms are getting better by the hour. Shredders as young as 10 and 11 years old came out and not only made it up and over the features, they pressed right through them with clean style. Miles Fallon, Thomas Melchoirre, and Jack Armbuster were throwing down like grown men. Gapping up and over the picnic tables, nose press and tail press combinations were the name of the game in this heat. Miles Fallon, took the win with his effortless style, his incredible attitude, and the confidence he exudes when he’s riding. He’s a little kid who knows trick selection. His nose press to back tail was a fan favorite, making sure his back foot was over the corner of the box while looking over his shoulder. Miles earned it, and Thomas and Jack gave him a serious run for his money.

The Am heat was throwing down super clean, buttery press action. Front 1 to switch tail press and Cab 1 to tail press over the picnic table were the norm. Pole jam board slides on the jam to box feature, and front lip 270s on the parallel boxes were all prerequisites for this year’s Am division. Knowing that a ton of gear and RedBull is on the line was pushing Am riding to a new level. Matt DeVito and Joe Leonardo were stepping the game up with quick back 180’s to tail butters, and back tail butters through the up box popping spins onto the flat box. Staying in control was key, and Am winner Kevin Kaczynski kept his butters proper and clean. He would pop off each feature at just the right time, ensuring that each top-like spin was landed bolts. At the end of the day that control paid off and he walked away with a grip of free stuff from all the sponsors, and enough Red Bull for the rest of the season.

The ladies stepped up to the plate this year, ensuring that each press was as high possible, and that no feature was left untouched. Gina Perrelli and Alex Cerra were getting creative, throwing lipslides on the upbox before turning them into switch tail presses. But at the end of the heat, Mountain Creek Ride and Ski School’s very own Brie Pepe took the win with clean combinations and a dedicated drive to get the most hits in. She wanted the win, and her style, tricks and work ethic definitely secured her top spot.

Last up was the Pro jam, which always brings that friendly competition. When money’s on the line, the East Coast goes hard. Bryan Kreischer came through and glazed on all sorts of buttery style incorporating huge pop overs before pressing nose or tail. Kade Madsen, stepped it up with first stage gaps to tail slides and blunt combinations that would make many a jibber dizzy. Adding on that extra shoulder drop or casual ride away, Kade always steps it up at jib comps. After the smoke cleared, however, it was Jersey-for-life local Matt Behre who was not only flexing camber through the lexan of the butter pads, he would ollie up from flat and nose blunt the sides of features, taking a creative approach which set him apart from the pack.

All in all, the Butter Cup is focused on fun and a friendly competition. There was plenty of free stuff and RedBull to go around. Special thanks to all who came out, the JibLab crew for setting up the contest, and the sponsors, NXTZ, Oakley, Neff, Nike, Forum, and of course RedBull.

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