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Too: Givin 2012 Teaser

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Too: Givin 2012 Teaser

The Givin crew is back with their second full-length movie “Too”. Following up last year’s success the crew spent a good chunk of this winter posted up in Mt. Baker so you know the film is gonna be jam packed with pow. With their eclectic line up of shredders that can get down on any type of random transition “Too” is also surely going to be a go to choice for anyone looking for what’s new in jibbing.

Givin premiers Thursday August 30 in Laguna Beach Ca and stars Keegan Valaika, Wyatt Stasinos, Forest Bailey, Alex Stathis, E Man Anderson, Forrest Burki, Layne Treeter, Doran Laybourn, Chris Bradshaw, Alex Tank, Timmy Ronan, Nick Russell, and Homies. Click here for more info on the premiere.

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