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Mammoth: New Years Eve 2011

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Mammoth: New Years Eve 2011

Words: Eric Meyers
Photos: Peter Morning

It’s New Year’s Eve in 2000. A young and obscure janitor is ringing it in by cleaning up the mess leftover from the Canyon Lodge party at Mammoth Mountain. Twelve years later, he’s on the mic hosting the party and dousing the crowd in champagne. The guy who went from mopping to bottle-popping is none other than Eddie Wall, so keep his story in mind as you try to stick to your resolutions of self-improvement this year.

Eddie and Mason Aguirre were the official hosts of the annual New Year’s Eve party in Mammoth. The guys spent the evening acting as the party police and making sure everyone had a good time and full cups— especially the crew of Frends that showed up with the requisite trail of beautiful girls that always seems to be in tow. Eddie and Mason took over the countdown duties at midnight, while a lineup of top DJs from all over California manned the speakers for the rest of the evening.

The celebration at night was cool and all, but the real party went down in Main Park over the days leading up to New Year’s. Trains of crews were lapping hard all weekend, and the tricks popping off everywhere, providing a clear indication that all the heavy-hitters were prepping hard for the upcoming contest circuit. The Frends owned the pipe, while locals like Greg Bretz and Lonnie Kauk held down home turf on the 55-foot bottom jump.

Even though Eddie and Mason had the masses at their beck and call at the Canyon party, Eddie said the best part was “Seeing all our good friends and getting to ride during the days before and after the big party. Mammoth always has tons of activities going on whether it be in The Village or on the mountain. Parties, fireworks, bands, DJs , tons of stuff. And like I said, we have so many good friends in town for new years that it makes it really fun!”

Speaking of The Village, there was also a pretty huge New Year’s Eve party at Hyde Lounge. The place really made an effort to out-do the two floors and three stages at Canyon, and its fair to say they held their own, with enough sights, sounds, and questionable forms of fun that we’ll just leave it at that. Check the place out during the next Big Winter Weekend at Mammoth January 14-16 as they host afterparties for the Volcom PBRJ and Handsome Furs concert.

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