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Peanut Butter & Rail Jam: Mammoth 2012

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Peanut Butter & Rail Jam: Mammoth 2012

Inner Monologue of a Kid at the Volcom PBRJ at Mammoth

Words: Burne Carraway
Photos: Peter Morning

Here we go, first rail jam ever. Is this going to be fun? Registration seems super tense, the girl signing up right now is yelling at the people as she hands over her forms, that’s probably not going to get her anywhere. I wonder if these people are the judges. Shit I should have brought them coffees, oh well. Whoa the girl handing out the forms is really hot, I’ll flash her a smile in case she’s a judge— or single.

Alright let’s take a look at this setup, looks like a 40-foot down bar, ooh it’s round too that’s rad. Weird little bonk to dance floor, not too sure what I’ll do with that. The urban compound area looks pretty cool, I love a ledge and I love a bunch of ledges even more. WTF, one of these things is even real concrete, this is going to break people off. I bet someone’s going to frontflip off the grassy part though. Whatever I’ll just ‘boo’ him and hopefully people will join in.

OK who’s up first, open class? Perfect, I’ll watch these guys and steal ideas for tricks on the weird little bonk. These kids are good. Hard way back three on the down bar? I’m going to get embarrassed in this thing. Holy shit that kid just transferred from the ledge over to the dance floor. I’m starting to think this might be a bad idea, I better tighten my boots and go take a warm up lap.

This whole park is like a contest, every one of these kids has a number, even the girl who just fell getting off the lift. I’ll bet she does well today. Most these kids are really good though, hope they’re not in my heat.

Shit, they’re all in my heat. What are these kids wearing? Half of them look like the morning after a Halloween party at a frat house, and they all look like they belong on the Vice ‘Don’ts’. Tensions up here at the start mound are about as high as most of these kids, someone should crack a joke and lighten the mood. No way in hell am I going first, I’ll let this sucker go. Boardslide? Perfect, that’ll make this front one on, half cab off look a lot more impressive. Hiking this thing is miserable, but the contest is really fun, I just wish there was a way I didn’t have to walk. What’s next, I’ll get a spinny-tapper move on this bonk real quick. Jesus, am I the only kid here without a coach? What’s the difference between a soccer mom and snowboard coach? The coach! Heyooo they liked that one up here. Now where do I begin with these ledges? Well that kid just gapped over the close-out with a back three on, back three off. Nuts. Onto the concrete ledge too, this is getting dangerous, I’ll let this kid to do a stupid 50-50 and follow him up with a front three on. That was terrifying. Still a bunch of time left, but I think I’m tapped out for quality tricks, I’ll just ride this down bar while I have the chance. There it is! Costume kid just kid a front flip, at least a couple people joined in on the booing. At what level of snowboarding is a frontflip off a rail acceptable?

That heat flew by, I’m really glad my crappy shop sponsor talked me into doing this. Alright awards, let’s get this show on the road because the sun is going down quick. Everyone acts so cool when they win, I suppose that’s classy, otherwise the losers would feel even worse about themselves. Wow, I seriously just won this thing? Maybe all these other kids were too shocked to be excited because I’m not really sure what to do either. Actually I take that back, I’m gonna go back to the registration room and see if that cute girl with the forms wants to go to the concert at Hyde with me tonight, yeah that’s what I’ll do.

Here’s the other winners:

15 and under
1- Joshua Douglas
2- Patrick Fava
3- Judd Henkes
4- Brock Crouch
5- Matt Williams

16 and over
1- Burne Carraway
2- Plake Pascher
3- Thomas Baxter
4- Steve Lally
5- Gabe Schamberg

1- Mariah Dugan
2- Joanna Dzierzawski
3- Nirvana Ortanez
4- Danika Duffy
5- Erin McCabe

1- Frank Knab
2- Scott Hoffman
3- Garrett Warnick
4- Matt Guntert
5- Jimmy Goodman

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Volcom’s Total Garbage: Episode 3

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Volcom’s Total Garbage: Episode 3

Part 3 of Volcom's Total Garbage Series takes it to the PBRJ championships by way of Daniel Brown and Dylan Alito, followed up by some laps around the park with Scott Stevens. Your hyped.

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