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Dispatches: Laura Austin – K2 In Chile Part 2

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Dispatches: Laura Austin – K2 In Chile Part 2

Words & Photos: Laura Austin

The second half of my trip to Chile with the K2 Snowboarding crew continued with some more snowboarding, photo shoots, a taste of the Chilean culture, and of course more Pisco. A few new members of the team showed up to shoot for the K2 catalog including Matt Belzile, Leanne Pelosi, Travis Parker, Tim Eddy, and Mason Aguirre. It was awesome to be able to stand to the side and shoot some photos of a few of the riders sessioning a rock jump at sunset. It is always a reality check when you see how much work goes into getting one shot or a four second video clip.

After another night of amazing food and too many drinks containing the Chilean alcohol of choice, Pisco, we headed down to the city of Santiago before everyone had to hop on a plane and head back to the states. We ate some crazy food and did what any typical tourist would do, walk around the city, cameras in hand, staring at everything wide-eyed. My advice to you is to get off your couch, jump on a plane, and see all the crazy stuff there is to see out there... you can even do a little snowboarding along the way.

Huge thanks to K2 crew (Hunter Waldron, Meghan Grabow, and John OConner) for bringing me along on the trip and our awesome guides at La Parva, Rodrigo and Mike.

In case you missed it you can check out Chile: Part 1 here.

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