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New Year’s High Resoultion: Laura Austin’s Top 10 Photos

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New Year’s High Resoultion: Laura Austin’s Top 10 Photos

Words & Photos: Laura Austin To bring in the New Year and celebrate the past we are bringing you "New Year's High Resolution" photo galleries from SNOWBOARDER Magazine's senior photographers and staff of their top 10 photos from the 2010-2011 season. There is no point in me trying to write some third-person introduction about myself, so I am going to get right to it. My name is Laura Austin, I am the online editor for SNOWBOARDER Magazine, and I am responsible for posting 99.9% of the content on this very website. Since the internet never sleeps, I have to spend a majority of my time glued to a computer screen, but every now and then they let me out into the daylight. As you click through my photos of my first winter with SNOWBOARDER Magazine, you will notice none of them are really the hard hitting action shots you tend to see in snowboarding. This is because, A - I am normally stuck shooting events, and B - I tend to be drawn to the photos that are a little different with a story or some personality behind them in hopes of giving you an alternative look at the snowboard world. My main goal has been to get out, travel, and experience new things, and a camera has proved as a pretty reliable ticket to do so. Even though a large chunk of my time at SNOWBOARDER is spent behind a keyboard, the adventures this job has allowed me to go on have made it worth it. And you might as well carry a camera around so you can share those experiences with the rest of the world...or at least a few people on Facebook. I suggest you get out and do the same.

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