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Rollin’ Deep: Pirelli Wheels Out Their Collab Product Line With Burton

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Rollin’ Deep: Pirelli Wheels Out Their Collab Product Line With Burton

Words & photos: Ryan "Huggy" Hughes

Just getting to the hill can be sketchy in mid winter. Solid winter tires should be a part of any snowboarder’s gear, but what do tires have to do with your shred kit? Italian tire maker Pirelli has teamed up with Burton to design a boot using their research in traction control. The sole of the boot is made with the same materials and technology as the world-renowned tires. Even the tread is optimized for gripping your bindings and walking across icy parking lots (you know those days when skiers are yard sale-ing left and right, it’s wrong to laugh but impossible not too).

Most people wouldn’t consider snow tires sexy, but leave it to the Italians to make it happen. When Pirelli launched their new Scorpion tire and the Burton collaboration snowboard gear, they made sure some of the hottest models in the world were there to present them. As far as the board, boots, and bindings go, it’s difficult to describe the aesthetics with out repeating the word sexy again, so I will try a different path. If Darth Vader picked out a snowboard set up, this would be it. Inspired by 70s racing culture, the gear is pimped out in black and gold.

The Pirelli Burton Ion boot is widely available at Burton authorized dealers. However, the Pirelli Mystery board and bindings are a very limited edition, and available exclusively at their flagship store in Milan, Italy for the 2012-2013 season. Anyone who is lucky enough to test ride this gear (myself included) will tell you it’s the lightest setup in the history of the universe thus far. It made ollies effortless, and was an incredibly smooth ride, even at the end of the day when the park was rutted. This Mystery board feels solid in the park, but wasn’t necessarily originally built for that. Besides being extremely light weight, the most noticeable characteristic is the Mystery’s snappy surfy feel in the backcountry. Pirelli is a stylish brand, but they are not just about glamour and lifestyle. They did it right with this Burton colab and produced a high performance set up that could be enjoyed in any conditions.

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