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Ms Superpark 2012: Day 2 Photos & Recap

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Ms Superpark 2012: Day 2 Photos & Recap

Words: Laura Austin
Captions: Pat Bridges

After getting kicked off the hill early Monday due to an approaching lightning storm the ladies of Ms. Superpark presented by Gatorade at Squaw Valley were hungry to get things going on Tuesday. The morning looked a little ominous with dark clouds hanging over the mountain, but they cleared up mid morning making way for a very productive day on hill.

With a day under their belt the ladies had a better feel for the park, making use of all the features SPT had put in front of them. There was a long session over on the rail/wallride section. Some of the standouts included Kelly Underwood with lines through the whole setup, Madison Blackley, Mary Rand, Danyale Patterson, Marie Hucal with a good looking handplant, Raelynd Tarnove with a lipside 270 out on the down bar, Alexa McCarty, and Ruki Furihata. One of the highlights on the butter pad at the bottom of the park was Sina Candrian with a front 1 on to a cab 5 off.

Towards the end of the day some of the girls got creative on the first jump, transferring off the lip to the transition on the side. The standouts included Kjersti Buaas with a front 3 stale transfer and Desiree with a front 1 transfer, and Elena Hight also threw a good looking method into the mix.

Around 5:30 we picked a select few ladies who we thought were riding well on the jumps to stick around for a sunset session on the jump line. According to Spencer O’Brien who has been riding really well the past few days, “The highlight of today was probably the night shoot, we had a good crew of girls riding. Stefi Luxton, who is an am and an awesome little rider, did her first front 7 which was sick, and Kimmy Fasani’s cork 7’s were awesome.” At about 7:30 we called it due to the lack of light and tired legs. It was an incredibly productive second day of Ms. Superpark. We'll see what else is in store for the next two days at Squaw Valley.

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