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Downtown Throwdown: San Francisco Video

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Downtown Throwdown: San Francisco Video

Lib Tech's Downtown Throwdown made it's first appearance in beautiful San Francisco. Nestled in between City Hall, the Library and the Asian Art Museum the event added snowboarding to the diverse culture of the region. And the riding was off the richter scale, new levels of insanity! Tricks were invented and small fortunes made, Dylan "Juggalito" Alito took the win with his axe wielding dominance.

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Downtown Throwdown: San Francisco

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Downtown Throwdown: San Francisco

Words & Photos: Terren Gomez

While everyone in our online fantasy world is drooling over powder photos from Colorado, or landing strip of death photos from Boreal's opening day, masses still craving the warmth came to San Francisco for the first ever Downtown Throwdown outside of Seattle. There couldn't have been a much better setting as October typically offers Summer-like conditions (75F) in the city.

Just like any other perfectly groomed landing strip open for business in California, there was no shortage of dudes wanting a piece. It seemed as if none of the riders took the summer off, as an onslaught of tricks were thrown down right from the start. From circus acts like front board to backside rodeo off the pole jam from Ryan Paul, to tech tricks like hardway 180 switch 5050 to bs 360 out from Nick Visconti. There was no shortage of solid ass snowboarding where a lot of it's roots originated from in the skate mecca that is San Francisco. Even Jake Phelps from Thrasher came out for a peak of the downtown bro-down.

For a chance at the $5,000 first place prize, riders lapped relentlessly leaving no time to catch their breath in the blazing sun. After the three hour jam, 'Juggalo' Dylan Alito came out on top in full Halloween spirit.

1st Dylan Alito
2nd Nick Visconti
3rd Dylan Thompson
4th Ryan Paul
5th Brandon Hobush

Zumiez Destroyer award: Andrew Brewer
Crab Grab style award: Chris Brewster

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