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2012 Oakley Shred Shop Challenge – recap from last year

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2012 Oakley Shred Shop Challenge – recap from last year

In 1988 I stole my parents car, sans license, and drove my buddy and I two hours away to The Boarding House snowboard shop in Burlington, Vermont. We weren’t on a mission to buy anything. We just wanted to revel in awe at so much awesome shit in one place. From “Life’s A Beach” Batman one-pieces to Gnu Antigravitys to stacks of ISM magazines, the Boarding House was wall-to-wall radness. Freshly melted wax masked the slightly skunky smell emanating from the sticker-caked door to the backroom and merchandising amounted to cardboard signs with “Sale” and “Special” scribbled on them. The shop’s owner, multi-time US Open Champion, Andy “Dog” Coghlan, was behind the counter and his presence only added to the surreal atmosphere. Though I had been riding for two years it wasn’t until that moment that I realized there was a difference between being someone who went snowboarding and being a snowboarder. My life hasn’t been the same since and every now and then I still fantasize about opening a snowboard shop of my own, a place that could spread that same stoke that I felt the first time I walked into The Boarding House.

Every scene has a Boarding House. - Pat Bridges

The Oakley Shred Shop Challenge brings together core shops that contribute to the community of snowboarding in their regions and beyond. For the second year, SNOWBOARDER Magazine and Oakley are bringing employees from a handful of shops across the US to Mammoth to complete on a custom-build and themed park for the ultimate title in snowboard shop glory. In 2012, hometown heroes, Wave Rave, took top honors. Who will win this year? Check out the 2013 Oakley Shred Shop Challenge at Mammoth Mountain on Wednesday, March 20, featuring Wave Rave, Eastern Boarder, Darkside, Milosport, SnoCon, Active, and Evo.

These shops are why a dedicated rider will run their hometown shop's sticker on their board years after they've moved to another state. These are the guys that make it happen.

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