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Dispatches: Laura Austin 1.0 – K2 In Chile Part 1

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Dispatches: Laura Austin 1.0 – K2 In Chile Part 1

Words & Photos: Laura Austin

How could you say no to a trip to Chile? Well I guess if you hated endless powder, ridiculous scenery, and awesome people then you might turn down this adventure. But I happen to love all these things, so when I was offered to fly down to South America with K2, I couldn't say no.

K2 brought some of their key retailers and 2 "media people" down to Chile to hang out in La Parva for 4 days while doing catalog shoots with the team, and well.... enjoy what La Parva had to offer. It dumped the day before we got there and since the resort is all above treeline that meant that one gift from the snow gods provided four days of endless powder. From the language barrier, to the people, the views, the dance parties, the snowboarding, and of course the Pisco Sours... it was definitely a trip of a lifetime.

Check back soon for the second Dispatch from this trip.

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