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Ms Superpark 2012: Day 1 Photos & Recap

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Ms Superpark 2012: Day 1 Photos & Recap

Words: Laura Austin
Captions: Pat Bridges

If you live in or around the Tahoe area you might be more than likely to believe in the Mayan conspiracy that the end of the world is approaching. Sunday morning a meteor breaks the sound barrier making a boom loud enough to shake the earth, and the first day of Ms. Superpark presented by Gatorade was cut short due to an approaching lightning storm. However, before the ski patrol rushed everyone off the mountain at Squaw Valley, the ladies were able to get warmed up to the course.

SPT and the Squaw park crew headed up by Jess Richitelli were able to scrounge up enough snow after this warm winter to build a solid setup for the ladies this week. The main line includes two large jumps, the second being the bigger of the two, into a type of rhythm section ending in a jump to a butter pad. To the right of the first jump is a creative rail setup which includes a rail into a wallride, which sends you into another wallride, a stair set, or a down bar. With temperatures in the 70’s, and the fact that the snow isn’t freezing overnight, the park crew is doing a great job to keep up the park make sure the speed is there for the features.

This year’s Ms. Superpark brought out quite the lineup of riders. Some of which include Gretchen Bleiler, Kimmy Fasani, Leanne Pelosi, Jamie Anderson, Erin Comstock, Anne-Flore-Marxer, Spencer O’Brien… the list goes on for days. According to last year’s standout Kimmy Fasani, “Day one was a really quickly progressing session because we knew we had weather coming in, so right away the girls were stepping up to the jumps and sending tricks with good style.” Some of which included Jamie Anderson’s back-to-back threes on the jump line, Anne-Flore’s back five tail, Spencer O’Brien’s back threes, and Darrah Reid-McLean’s signature fives. Besides the jump line Desiree Melancon pulled off a frontside wallride transfer to the back of the landing that was oozing with style.

The thunder and lighting scare was an unfortunate end to a day full of sunshine that had just started to really get rolling, but the ladies were definitely able to get a feel for the park and seem ready to take full advantage of it for the rest of the week. Let’s just hope the world doesn’t end before then.

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