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The Don’s Dispatch: JP Walker 1.1 Mt Hood

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The Don’s Dispatch: JP Walker 1.1 Mt Hood

Words: JP Walker
The Unit just wrapped up a session at Mt. Hood for HCSC session 5. The weather was perfect and there was tons of snow up there. Our days were spent on hill in an inverted position with arm flexed and minimal rail contact. After a long season on the grind it's good to switch up your game for bit. The mini pipe and QP was our jam and both saw a barrage of hand plants. Evenings were spent at the ramps or doing various other activities with the kids that an adult would usually be scorned for like foam pit jousting or releasing pent up anger on unsuspecting campers with high speed dodge balls to the dome piece.. We tortured ourselves multiple times daily with an onslaught of frozen pizzas and even tooled up a few in the morning pre-shred. We also revisited an abandoned gas station with a perfect manual pad and then cooled off at the infamous punch bowl near Hood River with a couple 80 foot cliff jumps. All the campers were awesome and it was another solid week logged at the Hood. See you next summer.

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