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New Year’s High Resoultion: Huggy’s Top 10 Photos

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New Year’s High Resoultion: Huggy’s Top 10 Photos

Photos & Captions: Huggy

To bring in the New Year and celebrate the past we are bringing you "New Year's High Resolution" photo galleries from SNOWBOARDER Magazine's senior photographers and staff of their top 10 photos from the 2010-2011 season. To kick things off we are starting with the individual that hand picks every photo that shows up within the pages of SNOWBOARDER Magazine, our photo editor Ryan Hughes a.k.a Huggy. Here is what he had to say about his 2010-11 season:

"I shot with a big variety of crews last winter. That’s one of my favorite things about shooting snowboarding photos, is mixing it up with all the different quirky personalities. There are a lot of comedians in the snowboard industry, and I hope I get a chance to meet them all. Some of the locations I photographed last year included North Carolina (where I got busted by cops more times than I ever had in my life), Minnesota (where I was entertained by Johnny Lazz and LNP), and Revelstoke, Canada (where I had the best pow of my life)." - Huggy

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