Outta the Kitchen – Episode 3

The third episode of Outta The Kitchen, the ladies hit up a bunch of opening days and take their first park runs of this season. The Thanksgiving turkey may not have been cooked, but the parks at Breckenridge, Keystone, Brighton, and Park City were handled. Featuring Stephanie Sue Feld, Laura Rogoski, Gill Montgomery, and Erika Vikander. Check out photos from this episode below.

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Stephanie Sue Feld at Park City. p: Gill Montgomery
Kelsey Boyer at Breckenridge. p: Gill Montgomery
Laura Rogoski at Keystone. p: Gill Montgomery
20131126-P_GillMontgomery-S_StephFeld-L_ParkCity,UT-C_Outta'TheKitchen-T_ (2)
Stephanie Sue Feld at Park City, Utah. p: Gill Montgomery
Stephanie Sue Feld at Breckenridge. p: Gill Montgomery