Rough Snowboards brings us When the Going Gets Rough. Featuring Fredu Sirvio, Vesa Nissinen, Jacub Szkaradek, Tommy Lanza, and more, only the rawest urban riding from the streets of Europe threw down last season.

From Rough Snowboards:

When the Going Gets Rough was a super low-budget project and we are so proud of the result. It represents our way of thinking and our approach to snowboard, it fully embodies our Manifesto. Only pure street riding from the streets of Europe, riders, friends, one van, loads of rails, big hammers, few bangers and a lot of fun.

Last season ROUGH snowboards team grew up fast and this is the first upshot of the new riders line up. Fredu Sirvio–The Finnish Rail Reaper–was the first to join the team than many other young reapers followed. Vesa Nissinen, Jacub Szkaradek, Tommy Lanza and Oivind Fikse Engelshon, besides Fredu, all have full parts in the video. Also early season’s latest team joiners Ben Poechman and Tato Chiala also have a couple clips in the flick as well.