Blackboard Experiment DC Media Blitz

Here at SNOWBOARDER Magazine, we decided to break the mold of traditional snowboard reviews and embark on a completely unbiased blank snowboard test last winter, called The Blackboard Experiment. We hit up ten brands in snowboarding and asked them to provide us with a snowboard of their choice, but the one caveat was that it had to have a black topsheet and base graphic, so as to keep the anonymity of the brand only between them and us. Then, we partnered with Mammoth Mountain, California because of their hallowed Main Park, a trail that has done more for freestyle snowboarding and terrain park design than almost any other mountain on Earth. We selected 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic gold medalist Sage Kotsenburg to ride the boards and record his experiences, because, one: he didn’t have a board sponsor, and two: Sage is one of the best park riders our sport has ever seen. Last April, Sage made the trek to Mammoth for five days of extreme testing. From sunup to sundown, he was strapped into one of these blank decks and when he wasn’t riding them, he was jotting notes about how they rode on jumps, jibs, tranny and on the trail. The result is the most comprehensive snowboard test that we’ve ever put together. Below, you’ll see exactly what Sage thought of these boards without him knowing what brand made them, so read on and take notes, because he will give you all the info you need, from tip to tail. This is SNOWBOARDER Magazine’s 2016 Blackboard Experiment.


Blackboard Experiment

Blackboard Experiment

DC Media Blitz

Dave Appel, DC Hardgoods Director and the 2017 DC Media Blitz. photo: Yoshida


Model Length Tested: 154
Additional Lengths: 150, 158
Shape: Twin
Camber: Hybrid
Core: Impact Core
MSRP: $549.95


When SNOWBOARDER invited DC to participate in the Blackboard Test, they gave us a few identifying characteristics of the snowboarder who would be testing the boards. They identified the rider’s height, weight, snowboarding style and preferred terrain. We made the assumption that this rider would be riding the snowboard park at Mammoth at a professional level. With that in mind, we instantly thought of Torstein and his new Media Blitz 154. The Media Blitz is a high performance snowboard that offers our Tips Up technology, featuring a stable ride in a reduced length, as well as the versatility of a double camber profile. Ultimately, we designed the DC Media Blitz to dominate perfectly groomed parks and rails, like Mammoth’s Unbound Main Park. — Dave Appel, DC Global Hardgoods Director

Sage Kotsenburg

photo: Mike Yoshida

Sage Kotsenburg

photo: Mike Yoshida

The board holds turns well, but doesn’t initiate them too quickly. I’m still trying to figure out where it’s soft. When I jumped, it held and felt like a stiffer board and once you get into a carve, it rails so hard that you can fully go uphill. - Sage Kotsenburg, first impression of the DC Media Blitz

Jib Score: 6

I felt locked onto the rail as soon as I was hitting it, but when I was on the runway or riding away from it, it felt like it was hard to adjust where I took off or where I was immediately headed when I landed. It holds the line and can be hard to make mini-adjustments coming into and riding out of a rail.

Jump Score: 6

I didn’t feel super confident in the air. I think it’s more because of the sidecut and effective edge. It feels like you’re kind of locked into your line and it’s hard to quickly adjust yourself on the take off or landing.

Tranny Score: 7

It was really fun in the pipe. I think pipe is where a board like this will excel. When I found the line I wanted, the board would lock in and since it’s not easy to get out of the locked-in edge, it was easy to pump speed. I was surprising myself with how high I was airing out.

Carve Score: 5

Some of the cons that I didn’t like was that it didn’t respond that fast, but once you were in a carve, it was awesome. In the slush it was hard to navigate a good line. In slushy conditions, you want a really fast board to adjust to where you’re going in case there’s a big pile of wet snow, but it was a little harder to quickly adjust my line in those types of conditions and when turning.

Overall Score: 24