"Favorite CAMPiTA activities? Cooking crawdads, drinking beers, swimming, eating, snowboarding and BB guns!" - Garrett Warnick p: Walsh

The line is always long at the CAPITA team signing, but worth the wait for campers to meet this epic crew. p: Joel Fraser

words: Mary Walsh

We had two sets of directions. Johan Malkoski, CAPiTA Sales Director had txted copy/pasted instructions with mile markers annotated and Team Manager Mark Dangler had sent a pin on Google Maps. But even with multiple sets of eyes on the snaking back roads, it was Dustin Craven in the backseat of the rental sedan who enabled us to arrive at the location of the campsite just before darkness set. Not too far from the base of Mount Hood, but conveniently just out of cell reception, the CAPiTA team had set up their tents along the edge of Timothy Lake. By the time we rolled in, camp chairs had been assembled around a fire pit and prime rib was being cooked lakeside in preparation of a forest feast. Friends meandered through evergreens between the lakeshore and a windy dirt road framing the site, going over the day’s activities on the glacier, joking with one another, and relaxing.

Bode Merrill

“It was the best vibe [at the quarterpipe]. Everyone was doing their own thing all at once while feeding off each other and just laughing and screaming.” – Jesse Gouveia. p: Joel Fraser

“It’s essentially the dream summer snowboard camping trip. It’s the only time we all get to hang, ride and party together. Sure, some of the guys film together or ride together in the winter, but it’s a rare occasion that we can get the pro team with the am guys and even some international kids all together in one place. It’s probably the only time you have Americans, Canadians, Austrians, Swedes and Japanese together for BB gun relay races, and it also doesn’t hurt that some in house chef talent is ready to serve 5-star prime rib, twenty miles deep in the woods for thirty-plus people either. That’s a unique camping experience.” - Mark Dangler

Bode Merrill No beasts allowed at the bar.

Bode Merrill Pink Flamingo motel residents, Cale Zima and Mike Rav.

Bode Merrill I think that most of the CAPiTA team, if left to their own devices, could survive on their on in the woods. But I think Brendan Gerard (above) would do it with the most style. Eating squirrels and hunting birds, etc. - Cale Zima

Bode Merrill

Mike Ravelson. p: Joel Fraser

For the past five years, the riders and in house crew of CAPiTA, an eclectic group of tenacious snowboarders imbued with a heavy supply of style, has collected annually for a week in the woods of the Mount Hood National Forest in Oregon. The itinerary is simple: session the High Cascade Snowboard Camp park on the Palmer snowfield by day, spend the afternoon holding court in the Timberline parking lot, coolies and BBQ in tow, and retire to the forested perimeter of a lake not far from Mount Hood before nightfall to sit around the fire and take a beat. (Make sure to swing by High Cascade for a few games of dodgeball, some late day skate sessions, and the much anticipated team autograph signing, too.) Such is the experience of CAMPiTA. Organized by the diligent crew behind the brand, CAPiTA founder, Blue Montgomery, Johan, Griff, and Dangler, the entire CAPiTA team gathers for a few days each summer to shake off the craziness of winter and have a good time together, which is imperative and valuable for a team that is so collectively cohesive on snow. Scott Stevens, Brandon Cocard, Jess Kimura, Dustin Craven, Cale Zima, Mike Ravelson, Phil Jacques, Brendan Gerard, Garrett Warnick, Marcus Rand and more had descended on Mount Hood this year for the fifth annual installment of the trip.


Two Grizzly creatures. Who wore it better: Brandon Cocard or Nanook?


Morning view.

“My favorite part of CAMPiTA is when we pass around the Bottle of Truth. It's a bottle of Fireball and before you take a sip, you have to tell an embarrassing truth about yourself. It's a memorable time because something crazy happens every year. Except this year Brisse didn't show up and I was sad.” - Brandon Cocard

stevens quote

“It was really cool because most days would start with a few people getting a small session going on the quarterpipe, then everyone would show up and it became this big party. The vibe was really sick, on one end you've got Dustin Craven doing huge back rodeos and on the other, some camper getting all hyped up and learning his first handplant. ALo, Bridges, and Cocard were playing off each other with some of the sickest plants I've never heard of. We were also hitting it up and over spine style and Scott was doing these insane pencil spin fives, making them look so good which seems impossible.” – Jesse Gouveia Rider: Scott Stevens. p: Joel Fraser

Hayate Yasunaga. p:Joel Fraser


Men, meet, meat. Chef Griff brought the smoked pork shoulder tacos for post-shred apres.

Timberline Mount Hood

This shot never gets old. Timberline.


The art of the lot lurk.

"My favorite moment of this years CAMPiTA, was watching Cocard and Jess play the guitar and sing. It's nice to have such musically talented friends. It makes sitting around the campfire 100 times better." - Cale Zima. p:Joel Fraser

“This summer at CAMPiTA I was unable to fly with my camping gear, because I was in Colorado for a week prior and had to fly straight to hood. Luckily Dangler was nice enough to provide me with a little girls' bright pink tent. It was so small I had to sleep diagonal in it just to fit.” - Cale Zima

Bode Merrill

Hayate Yasunaga and Yusaku Horii. P: Joel Fraser

Beneath tree boughs, the last glimmers of light disappeared as Johan and Griff proffered medium rare steak and piled grilled asparagus onto paper plates. Headlamps and lanterns lit the way to pockets of the CAPiTA crew who were digging into the gourmet camping cuisine. There are few slow moments during the winter; weather patterns and filming schedules catalyze the most frenetic schedules. CAMPiTA provides a few days, once a year for this crew, one of snowboarding’s most cohesive ensembles, to take a beat to not only acknowledge, but celebrate why we spend all winter chasing snow alongside one another. That brisk evening, as the smells of pine, dust, and prime rib filled the night air, was just a small glimpse into a week of sleeping in tents, sessioning on hill slush, jumping in water, fishing for crawdads, shooting bb guns--enjoying summer. We couldn’t stay long enough. Next year, we’re bringing tents to post up in the fray.