This boat makes 10 trips daily delivering poutine supplies to hungry Quebecers! P:Sammy Spiteri

Mike Gray

When Macy Mike Gray try's to say goodbye, he chokes, but its a good thing he never chokes when on his board. P: Sammy Spiteri


Coming straight from a Think Thank trip, where no spot was thought of as too small or wacky to film a trick on, I was shocked at the insanely high standards that the Arbor Team was working with. Even though it was only the first year of our two-year video project, these guys were boarding like there was no tomorrow. On multiple occasions, the guys would point up at buildings, parking garages, or retaining walls and start claiming outrageous trick ideas. In the beginning, I thought their claims were just jokes, but soon realized that these guys were willing to toss their soggy carcasses off of just about anything.


Arbor Sammy Spiteri

Words: Sammy Spiteri

Photos: Sammy Spiteri & Huggy

After watching countless mindblowing video parts produced in the streets of Quebec City, I was incredibly hyped to join Arbor Snowboards on their team trip to The Promised Land. Our massive crew consisted of Sean Black, Paul Heran, Huggy, John Cavan, Mike Liddle, Scotty Vine, Mike Gray, Ian Sams and me, all who were focused on getting shots for the Arbor two-year video project.

Arbor Sammy Spiteri

Scotty Vine sets up a second angle after the session is over, while Sean Black requests that I do a more difficult trick. Paul Heran was probably thinking about doing his taxes, while Mike Gray was debating weather or not to roll another spliff. Yes we are a mess. P: Huggy

Mike Liddle Sammy Spiteri

Look back at it, look back at it... P: Sammy Spiteri

This Jason Dubois wall ride has more vertical lines in it than a Jeremy Jones part. P: Sammy Spiteri

Mike Gray

This photo is a little gray, maybe because Mike is blocking out the sun. P: Spiteri

Paul Heran

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In this case you might think Paul Heran liked the shot, he actually just sat on a cactus. P: Sammy Spiteri


Unfortunately, the sounds from Bonjour Boat couldn’t fix all of our crew’s issues, but luckily, the local Quebec shredders proved to be incredibly helpful. Unlike other high profile urban snowboarding cities, where rivaling crews typically remain distant from each other, Quebec’s street boarders were more than willing to share their stomping grounds with us. Frank April introduced us to the Brothers Factory crew who contributed greatly to our trip's success. Whether it was lending us their winch, giving us directions to spots, or convincing us to join their nightly strip club visits, these dudes were always there for us. The hospitality of Brothers Factory continued to overwhelm until the end. On the last night of our trip, the crew outdid themselves by preparing an incredible meal for us made up of their hefty selection of freshly-hunted meats.

Ian Sams

We didn't get hassled too much in the streets of Quebec, mainly because Ian Sams and Thuggy were mean muggin' 24/7. P: Sammy Spiteri

Sean Black Sammy Spiteri

Team Manager Sean Black said - If you don't do something cool on this feature I'm going to flip out. P: Huggy

Sammy Spiteri Arbor

Paul Heran

We didn't know what Paul was filming here, but we didn't have the heart to tell him there was no one snowboarding in the direction he was looking. P: Sammy Spiteri

Full of meat, maple whiskey, beer, and strip club fumes, our trip came to an end. It was entertaining, terrifying, and inspiring to witness the progression and commitment that our team proved to carry when filming for this video. I can honestly say that the footage Arbor got from this trip carried out Quebec’s legacy for producing snowboarding’s most progressive street footage. Thanks to everyone who helped us on our Quebec explorations.