Think Thank in Russia

words and photos: Blake Paul

I was going through iPhoto the other day, putting the final touches on #BProddiProductions: The Full Length 2, and I started picking out some of my favorite photos. I’ve always been one to document anything and everything on my iPhone. I think I enjoy looking back on all the good times. This season was my first year with Vans and I spent the majority of my time filming for their two-year video project. I was able to travel with Hayden Rensch, Sam Taxwood, Jake Kuzyk, Danimals, Bryan Fox, Pat Moore and a bunch of other good friends. I started in Jackson, WY; then Logan, Utah; Mt Baker, Washington; Japan, Austria, Whistler, Salt Lake, and finished it off in Sweden. I’d have to say it was my favorite winter yet, from the destinations to the people I hung with along the way. Everyone behind the Vans movie is epic to film with and I’m stoked to be a part of such a rad project. I’ll try and tell a little story about each photo in this Dispatch.

Blake Paul

This was a new zone we found in Jackson, WY. I took this shot from the lip of a pillow gap we set up. It was cool to find featured terrain like this in Jackson; it's not really known for its pillows. This jump ended up being supper frustrating. I think we had to rebuild the run-in like four times.

Mikkel Bang

Mikkel Bang slash. This was at the end of my first day sledding for the year: December 27th. He’s actually slashing the top of The Warm Up Jump landing. It’s usually the first thing we hit in Jackson every season.

Wolle Nyvelt

Wolle Nyvelt threads through a rocky line. This was in the same new zone I was talking about in the first photo. Lots of fun mini-golf lines.

Bryan Iguchi

Bryan Iguchi. I owe a lot to Bryan for taking me out in the mountains when I was younger. From the view on the left you can see my house. My parents watched us hit a jump with their telescope once.

Blake Paul

Aaron Blatt, Hayden, and Myself built this all day by ourselves. I think we worked on it for six hours and sledded home in the dark.

Alex Yoder

This cliff is just off the top of the tram in Jackson. Its the most perfect pat-down i’ve ever scene. Yoder performs a front three while Hayden captures on 16mm.

Blake Paul

This was the next day. Mark Carter took this “guy in a sky” shot of me. I’d say this is the best and the most productive jump I’ve ever hit. Some of them you just keep coming back too.

Blake Paul, Pat Moore

Pat and I on the way to Teton Thai after an epic day at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

Bryan Fox

We met up with Bryan and Curtis in Mt. Baker and shot for #DrinkWaterMediaHouse.

Sam Taxwood

A classic jump in the Logan, UT backcountry. Sam Taxwood, cab five. I stole Hayden’s angle.

Hayden Rensch

@dronepilot_27 dialing in one of his drones.

Bryan Fox

Bryan Fox took Travis Rice’s Redbull hat.

Think Thank in Russia

This was in a sled zone right by Mt. Baker. The weather cleared at the end of the day and we decided to do this sled/hike lap. From the top of the hike you could see the skyscrapers of Seattle and Vancouver glistening in the sun. Probably the coolest sight of the year.

Mark Carter

Mark Carter, another person that has helped mentor me in the backcountry. He is one of my favorite people to go out with. He’s guided every crew I’ve brought to Jackson over the past few years.

Blake Paul

This was my first day ever sledding in the Whistler backcountry. There was about three feet of new snow. We got stuck all morning and by noon the snow was baked and the clouds came in. We decided to go to Japan.

Sam Taxwood

Sam doing a method. The first three days we were in Japan, it rained all day. One morning we woke up and the rain had turned to snow. It went from pure ice crust to pow, pretty much overnight. This was the first day we shot.

Blake Paul

And it just kept snowing.


Danimals slashes.

Sam Taxwood

Sam airs over the squad. The only sunny day we got in Japan.


Danimals, frontside seven. This was my favorite photo I took all season. In my favorite zone we rode in all season: The Drone Zone. We hit five things all within a five minute hike of each other. Snowboarding in Japan is a beautiful thing.

Jake Kuzyk

follow @freshshamp.

San Francisco

Between trips, I spent a week with Kyle Martin in San Fransisco. We surfed under The Golden Gate Bridge. It was tight.

Japanese plane meal

Japanese plane food.

Joe Carlino

Joe Carlino shoots a Austrian sunset.

Blake Paul

Hayden and I went to Austria before the crew and filmed for three days by ourselves. The night we got there, we changed a flat tire on the highway and were locked out of our hotel at 2:30 in the morning. Hayden took this photo of my track two days later.

Jake Price

Jake Price looks up at a wedge. We built this thing, all hit it once, then the fog came in and you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face.

Pat Moore

Pat among some Austrian scenery.

Pat Moore, Markus Keller

Pat and Markus Keller searching for good snow.

Blake Paul

Back to Whistler. Sunrise with the Videograss crew.

Blake Paul

Kuzyk, Darrell, and Marben in the Whistler backcountry.

Austin Smith

Knut chases Austin Smith in Little Cottonwood Canyon. I love going to Salt Lake in the springtime; it's perfect place to end the season.


Pat kicks one out during the King of the Hill event in Riksgransen. It doesn’t get dark there and it's really hard to sleep. Pierre Wikberg put on an epic event celebrating the 20th anniversary of Ingemar Backman’s world record air. They built little hip jumps everywhere that were a blast.

Pat Bridges

I'll leave you with a Bridges handplant.