Capita Snowboarding Campita 6

Phil Jacques

Phil Jacques, soaring through the blue Mt. Hood skies. p: Blatt

Mike Ravelson

Second place in the Merril Double Quarterpipe Invitational and CAMPiTA MVP, Mike Ravelson. p: Joel Fraser

words: Mark Dangler

It’s been six years now since a small group of us gathered at a remote location on a lake, deep down the dirt forest roads of Mount Hood. The first year of CAMPiTA started as a gathering of the CAPiTA team and some of the Seattle-based in house crew. Rooted around the filming of the first Defenders of Awesome film, it was a means to get the crew together for a chance to share stories from the past season and look forward to the next, all while honoring one of the great timeless traditions of snowboarding: camping and riding during the summer at Hood.


Six years later, more people have been added to the fold, the gathering has grown larger, and each year CAMPiTA has evolved along with the individuals that attend. Some years we’ve seen the Yawgoons come out; some years there’s been an Austrian contingent; some years the Canadian kids show up; often times the Yasunaga twins quit their summer jobs and fly all the way out from Japan for CAMPiTA; and most years CAPiTA Midwest rep Emmet Klocker blows peoples minds and transforms this from your average shred camp trip to a culinary spectacle deep in the forest. Then this year, Emmet brought his friend, Minneapolis award-winning chef and soon-to-be a restaurant owner, Erik Anderson, to help serve up some 5-star dining twenty miles deep in the woods of Mount Hood and take the camping experience to a whole new arena. On the menu for the first night: fire smoked salmon, cucumber dill onion salad and grilled asparagus. Following it up, the second night featured pig roast porchetta-style sandwiches with sweet peppers, mixed greens salad with fennel and orange, and roasted potatoes. Emmet and Erik put on a true culinary show.

Scott Stevens

Sleepy may be off Coca Cola-drinking currently, but he still had lots of candy-fueled energy left to hike the minipipe like a wild man. p: Joel Fraser


Emmett and Erik spared no expense when cooking for the CAMPiTA crew. p: Blatt

Ted Borland

An intimate gathering of a sizeable crew. p: Blatt

Ted Borland

Craven taste tests. p: Blatt

Ted Borland

A camping feast. p: Blatt

Erik Anderson Emmett Klocker

Everybody dig in! p: Joel Fraser

It’s the new unexpected and unpredictable additions to the CAMPiTA crew like this that make the annual “campout in the woods” never grow stale. On the last day after a few post-shred parking lot beers, we all sat there agreeing that although it’s in some ways the same gathering every year it somehow just keeps getting better!

Think Thank in Russia

Mike Ravelson

Snackmonk: a CAMPiTA folklore story, when Rav fell asleep in his tent using a loaf of bread as a pillow and woke up to a chipmunk snaking on his pillow in the middle of the night. p: Joel Fraser

Scott Stevens

Many bones are normally offered to Scott’s two dogs, sadly they weren’t present to capture this frontal bone in the superpipe. p: Joel Fraser

Dustin Craven Mark Dangler

Dustin Craven and Mark Dangler, two gentlemen who make each edition of CAMPiTA one of the best weeks of summer. p: Blatt

Ted Borland

Phil Jacques has some of the most casual and proper style. He cruised out to Mt. Hood for the week and put on a show in the HCSC park. p: Joel Fraser

While the campsite activities and dinners are a major part of CAMPiTA, there is one reason we’re all really here: the snowboarding. On hill sessions got going with Stevens and Rav on the quarterpipes, Kevin Backstrom and Brisse were lapping the High Cascade big jump alongside thirteen-year-old Canadian ripper Jadyn Chomlack while Geremy Guido, Pat Fava, Cullen Bernklau and more were non-stop on the rail line off the HCSC park lift.

CAMPiTA has really become the summer snowboard trip we’ve always dreamed about and then some. It’s rare anywhere in snowboarding when a whole pro team, am team, regional and international kids from all over can get together around one campfire and ride together at one mountain. Thank you High Cascade Diggers and staff, Timberline and Mount Hood, we’re already looking forward to next summer.