Bode Merrill

Ethan, front 180 up and over the chairlift.

Ethan, looking hard and trying hard to drive home the nickname Ethan “Roll The” Deiss.

Summer blows. Seriously. It’s hot as hell down here in Southern California and if you’re completely covered in body hair like me, it’s almost useless to go outside during the day. That’s why we at SNOWBOARDER Magazine planned an end-of-the-season movie shoot at Boreal. Winter isn’t over quite yet! We tapped SFD riders Lucas Magoon, Ethan Deiss and Scott Blum to fly out to Boreal and film a few tricks for their parts to officially end the winter. Working with Lane Knaack, Junior, and the rest of the Boreal build team, our Video Content Manager John Cavan and SFD Director Trent Ludwig requested a strip of snow that offered up a few things for Blum, Ethan and Gooner to ride and these guys happily obliged. Working with Woodward Tahoe has always been easy, but when you’re stretching into the late-May/early-June weeks, I could understand that it might get a little hectic for them, but as always, Lane and company shocked the hell out of us with the setup they provided.

Bode Merrill

Lucas Magoon is a peaceful guy, but he’s not afraid to use strongarm tactics in order to get a shot.

Bode Merrill Gooner might just be the king of the lifey.

Bode Merrill Scott Blum. Bad boy for life.

Bode Merrill Ethan Deiss will be guest coaching at Woodward Tahoe in just a few weeks. Go to for more info.

Bode Merrill

Blum, putting up another Andrecht on the wall. The dude knows how to plant.

Bode Merrill

There are few places in the world—let alone North America—that this setup exists in June. Woodward Tahoe is most definitely one of them. Ethan Deiss.

Split photo

If you haven’t heard, Gooner’s footage in SFD is his best yet.

Gooner, just soaking in the last rays of artificial light before winter officially comes to a close for him.

This is Jon Ray, the SFD camera operator for the evening and one of the pivotal filmers for the project. On this evening, he was Jon Bon MOVI.

If you’re still fiending to ride, make sure to check out because they have a slew of pro sessions coming in the next few weeks and spots are still available. Whether on the hill or off of it, Woodward is a snowboarder and skater’s paradise, so get on up there and ride with some of the best pro snowboarders in the world. Summer may suck, but thanks to camps like Woodward Tahoe, we can live the winter dream for just a few weeks longer. SNOWBOARDER would like to thank Matt Mellili, Lane Knaack, Junior, Mizzle, and the rest of the Boreal build crew. We would also like to thank Matty Peterson and the entire Woodward Tahoe staff for letting us come up and get some much-needed season ender shots. Check out this leak from two nights at Woodward Tahoe above in the gallery and stay tuned for all the action when SFD: The SNOWBOARDER Movie drops in September.