Are you a RAT?

Submit your footage to DWD for the 2nd annual RATS edit.
Deadline is July 15, 2013.

Here are the guide lines and how to submit your footage.

1. Do you ride and film on a DWD snowboard? Any model, any year, is okay.

2. Are your shots in the streets, side country, or back country? (No park shots for this edit)

If you answered YES to both of those, this is how you submit your footage.

1. Make sure you clips are .mov format.

2. Choose your best shots and use WETRANSFER.COM to submit them to RATS@DINOSAURSWILLDIE.COM

3. Make sure include your contact info, and let us know the RIDERS NAME(S) and FILMERS NAME(S) for the credits.

We’ll reply to your transfer to confirm that we’ve received your shots.

… Again… The DEADLINE IS JULY 15, 2013, so get them in asap.

To see the rest of the video that this RAT section is in, purchase the DWD TEAM VIDEO on itunes and at today.