This Contest Has Ended. Congrats to Melissa for sharing this memory:

The day Mt High opened last season, I was working a bartending shift at Hooters restaurant in Orange County. I pretended to be really sick that day so that they would send me home because I had been waiting impatiently for the season to start. I packed up and left with a friend and made it in time for some night riding. On my last run of the night, my board got caught on a patch of snow and threw me down hard. I thought I had popped an implant, but it turned out to be my wrist. I ended up having to get a cast put on a day later. It was the first time I ever broke a bone and of course it was on the first day of the season. I couldn’t stand the thought of missing out since I usually go twice a week, so I sucked it up and rode all winter with it. I know so many people ride with casts and stuff, but with no health insurance and how injury prone I am, it was a big thing for me. This was my best memory last year because that night really pushed me to become a better rider and to go beyond what I was comfortable with. I made the biggest improvements as a snowboarder with that cast on and now I don’t let the fear of getting hurt stop me from learning new tricks. I look like a real girly girl and its often assumed that I’ll suck, but I’ve proven myself to my guy friends and its all thanks to that night! (I also dislocated my shoulder playing in the park later that season..but it was worth attempting the biggest thing I’ve tried at Mt. High!)

Last season at Mountain High definitely took its toll on the brain cells of the snowboard population, but in a good way. Between the endless pow days, the park laps, the bikini contests, the freeriding or the night riding, the brain was jam packed with memories. Great memories. The 2010-2011 season is lining up to be even better, and we don't want you to miss it. Enter below by telling us about your favorite memory from last season. We'll pick the best story and set the owner up with an anytime season pass to Mountain High worth $599. (contest ends Sept. 29th, 2010) Visit before October 31st for other Season Pass specials.