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Mikey LeBlanc

This contest has ended. The correct answer was 44. Congrats to Chris.

Ahhh the magical sensation of finding transition. In the time between leaving the ground and the apex of your flight path, speed and pop depending, your destination is unconfirmed. Then that moment, that wonderful moment, when time is halted by the realization that you won't be coming up short, you won't be over shooting, you'll be making transition. In snowboarding, this is as good as it gets, trumped only by making transition in untouched pow. Throughout Ride team rider Mikey Leblanc's career he's boycotted this euphoria as much as possible. He prefers to land his snowboard in places that don't have transition, most of the places he lands couldn't even be called landings. If you said "Hey Mikey, did you make the landing?" he would have no idea what you were talking about.

This is probably the biggest ollie to flat ever attempted. It's definitely the biggest ever made. Watch the video above and tell us how many stairs are in the stair set to win. For bonus points name another pro whose achieved greatness by ollieing to flat.

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