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This contest has ended. Congrats to Chris for coming up with this answer:

"When I looked at Mikey's profile page at the Ride site, it looked like he was drinking Olympia. But it could have been the cat's beer, since Olympia tastes like cat piss to me. I hope Mickey's drinking a good Maine beer like Old Thumper from the Shipyard Brewing company in Portland as he remembers his east coast days. With three 2nd place finishes in the X-Games, it seems the Rockies have been serving Hana Silver Bullet. Lets hope she can move up to Coors original in the gold can this season. Juuso is a Fin and I thought those guys just drank Vodka, but maybe he's drinking Olvi. Marco is Austrian, those guys know a little something about beer. I hear there's a beer, Trumer Pils that is suppose to be one of the best. After seeing some of Marcos video parts, you know he's not settling for second best. Darrel is working out of Oregon and if he has a good crew there, then he's drinking home brew. Only guys with no friends buy beer in Oregon, everyone else makes their own. Seb Toots was out part of last season, so I would recommend he try some Quebecois Trappist Ale. The monks like to fortify their beers with vitamins and alcohol, to get them through long fasts. Unibroue makes an ale "La Don de Dieu". You can't go wrong with a gift from God. Jake is a former Vermont resident so I hope he enjoys Magic Hat and Long Trail as much as I do. Somebody was drinking Schmidt on the Ride RCTV site but I'm not sure who it was. Well I'm thirsty after all that, I better go get a beer. But what should I drink? Shred global and drink local!"

Ride Snowboards was established in 1992, which means they've been making sweet gear for 18 years. Sweet gear like the Ride Machete (which won our Best of Test for the second year in a row) and the Ride Opener Belt Buckle which enables beer bottle opening any place, any time. Sadly being that they are 18 also means that they can't legally celebrate their handiwork or a day of good shredding with a delicious beer. Fortunately the Ride International Pro team is made up of riders who are all of legal age (or at least from a country that doesn't bother with such laws).

Comment below telling us what brand of beer you think each member of the Ride International Pro Team uses their Ride Opener Belt Buckle to open. We'll pick the best answer and set them up with a prize pack from Ride. Enter your guess in the comment section below. We'll pick a correct commenter at random.

*Make sure you enter your correct email address so we can contact you if you win.

Shipping only to US and Canada.
Contest ends: Wednesday. Oct 27, 2010

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Ride Bottle Opener

Ride Opener Belt Buckle

Ride Varsity Hat

Ride Varsity Hat

I Ride Tee

I Ride Tee

Ride Flocking Hat

Ride Flocking Cap

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