Free Goods Friday with Capita!


When scared humans will instinctually react in one of two ways; fight or flight. Hence the black eye you received when you snuck up on your girlfriend or the time you pissed yourself and ran crying from a haunted house. CAPiTA is a little different, when scared they dish out free product. Maybe it’s a buy-their-way-out-of-it response or maybe they like the feeling of their hair standing on end. Whatever the case; you scare them you score swag. Comment below telling us the scariest thing that has ever happened to you while snowboarding. The most frightening story gets the GOODS.
Check out CAPiTA’s website for inspiration (insert maniacal laughter here).


Contest ends Wednesday November 4th.

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Wow, this one gave us all goose-bumps. Thanks for the story JHSNOWFREAK, enjoy your GOODS.
Stay tuned for the final chapter in the CAPiTA trilogy dropping soooooooon.