Those CAPiTA guys are smart. Smart and scary. Smart, scary and arty. Smart, scary, arty and rippin’ boarders. Check their new website if you don’t believe us, some of the best graphics ever and quality backed-up by a really well rounded team.

Anyway, back to the smarts. They gave us a bunch of swag to divvy out, problem is they don’t want no dummies runnin’ their gear. Thus we’ll be determining who gets this weeks CAPiTA prody with a good old fashioned haiku contest. Break out your birkenstocks, berets, bongos and put pen to paper. Post your haiku below and you could be dressed like a smart person by next week!
Possible haiku topics include:
-how sweet Capita is
-why you deserve the GOODS
-how lame poetry is
-evil scary stuff
-not snowboarding
-your favorite food

If you don’t know what a haiku is you’ve already proved yourself un-smart and un-worthy to win, sorry (google it).
Use your brain, best haiku wins. Contest ends Wednesday October 7th.

As always you can increase your chances of winning by marking your comment with your Gravatar!! Gravatars are the small images that appear next to your name in comments and will automatically appear once you sign up at Gravatar and enter your email below!


Wow, that was a lot of poetry, some way too good, and some pretty bad. In the end Maddy summed it up nicely. This weeks winner is:
If you didn’t win this time keep your chin up, we’ve got two more prize packs from CAPiTA to give away on FREE GOODS FRIDAYs coming up.