Free Goods Friday with Sessions!!

Sessions has been in the game since day one, a total of 26 years now. They get it, do you? Win these Sessions Achilles Pants. All you have to do is tell us what the meaning of life is. Best answer gets the GOODS. Easy right? Or is it? Search your soul…….. Too deep? We also like to laugh, so you might try humor. Good luck!

Sessions Achilles Pant

Sessions Achilles Pant

As always you can increase your chances of winning by marking your comment with your Gravatar!! Gravatars are the small images that appear next to your name in comments and will automatically appear once you sign up at Gravatar and enter your email below!

Shipping only to US and Canada.
Contest ends Wednesday December 9, 2009.
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Some trully inspiring stuff guys. The winner is:
Sessions Winner