Free Goods Friday with Smith Optics!!


Smith Optics have their bases covered. They make great Goggles, sweet shades, and have a stellar team of shredders backing their gear. On top of all that they’ve got a surplus of rad short videos on SMITH.TV for your viewing pleasure. The proof is in the pudding, only this time instead of pudding it’s pow slashes, cliff drops, and huge frontside airs. Check the link below and feast your eyes on a few of the different videos in the buffet.
Go here now
Comment telling us your favorite video and you could be the new owner of a pair of SMITH I/O goggs plus some extra lenses so you never again can blame your goggles for anything. In other words if you plan to “not hit the last jump in the park this winter because my goggles are fogged” this contest is not for you. If you gonna “stay in on a pow day cause I don’t have the right lenses” peace, this is not for you. Everyone else: good luck!

Smith I/O

Smith I/O

As always you can increase your chances of winning by marking your comment with your Gravatar!! Gravatars are the small images that appear next to your name in comments and will automatically appear once you sign up at Gravatar and enter your email below!

Shipping only to US and Canada.
Contest ends Wednesday Nowember 25, 2009.

This weeks winner is Chris, enjoy your goggles!