black_winterTorstein Horgmo, Erik Jackson, Andreas Wiig, Chas Guldemond, Seb Toots, Mark Landvik, Lonnie Kauk, and more. Sounds like a heavy cast? Sounds like Standard Films. Standard’s newest realease Black Winter is premiereing tonight in San Diego at Balboa Theatre , if you live within driving distance of SoCal and aren’t there your blowing it. Heck even if you live in Norway you should hop on a flight, Torstein did.

To get geared up for tonight we’ve been chugging Monster and watching the teaser. After watching it 14 times or so we noticed one thing that stands out. Watch if for yourself and tell us what it is. It’s obvious. We’ll pick a winner at random and hook them up with a copy of the vid, a case of Monster, some stickers, and any other swag we come across.

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Contest ends Wednesday Sept 16th.

This weeks winner is:

Standard winner copyFor us it was the avalanche that stood out, but obviously there were a bunch of  shots that people took notice of. Congrats James, enjoy the vid, swag, and case of Monster energy. If you liked the teaser you love the movie.

Check for more and to find a premiere near you.