Free Goods Friday with Westbeach!!

This weekend marks the 24th anniversary of the Mt Baker Legendary Banker Slalom.
Go here and learn something if you don’t already know what it’s about. This is the heart of snowboarding, it beats without giant corporate sponsorship or network broadcasting. It’s shredders doing what they’ve loved for the last 20 something years. The winner’s circle of the Baker Banked has seen the likes Haakonsen, Kelly, Cummins, Palmer, and Morrow. If you’re new here your gonna get bucked (see T Bird’s first hand account in the November issue of 2008). Who will take home the trophy this year?
Post your guess below in the comments section. We’ll select a comment that has the correct winner for the Pro Mens division that was posted before the final results are up. The winner will get a prize pack from Westbeach including a hoody, Balaclava and T shirt. Good luck!

Westbeach Skyline DWR Hoody
Westbeach Hoser Balaclava

Hoody is size Medium.

As always you can increase your chances of winning by marking your comment with your Gravatar!! Gravatars are the small images that appear next to your name in comments and will automatically appear once you sign up at Gravatar and enter your email below!
Shipping only to US and Canada.
Contest ends Wednesday Feb 10, 2009.

Congratulations to CD!!
Nice prediction, hopefully you also put some money on the Saints in the Superbowl. Enjoy your GOODS from Westbeach.