PIONEER It used to be that having a good sense of direction was a virtue. These days, in the age of cell phone GPS, google maps, and hi-tech navigation systems, a good sense of direction is simply taking up space in your brain. Space that could be used for remembering the night before, curing cancer, inventing a triple cork, or weaseling your way into a new lovers life. Think of all the opportunities being squandered by your lousy sense of direction. What a waste. 2009 Pioneer AVIC-U310BT
, with a little help from Pioneer Electronics, wants to make that difference. We want you to remember your mistakes, cure cancer, learn triple corks, and “meet” new people. Thus we are giving away a brand new Pioneer In-Dash Navigation system. The winner can officially forgo their sense of direction forever and go on to pursue the bigger things in life without having to worry about how you’re getting there.

Tell us your best story about getting lost in the comments section below, preferably snowboard related. We'll pick the best one to receive a brand new Pioneer AVIC-U310BT in-dash navigation and entertainment receiver with iPod/iPhone control and built-in Bluetooth®.   For more information on the unit's other cool features, go here:

Sidenote: This unit is designed to work in a car, so if you don’t have one, and you win, it’s on you to figure out a way to rig it to work in your snowboard, skateboard, or bike. Good Luck!

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Shipping only to US and Canada.

Contest ends Wednesday March 10th, 2009.

Congrats to TC for his almost life ending, definetly life changing, time in the woods. Hope that never happens again. Enjoy your goods!