Free Goods Friday with Stepchild!!

JP Walker Pro

Today is Christmas, but chances are you or didn’t get what you really want or don’t celebrate it (only 33% of the world’s population are Christian). If anyone out there understands your woe it’s Stepchild. Being a Stepchild is hard, and it’s especially hard during the holidays. Your the last one on everyone’s list meaning you get the scraps. Bummer. Thankfully, we’re here to make up for all of the suffering by hooking one of you up with a new JP Walker Promodel from Stepchild. Simply tell us you saddest, most pathetic, Tiny Tim, sob Christmas story and you get the GOODS.

Make us cry for bonus points. We’re gonna feel great after we save your Christmas.

As always you can increase your chances of winning by marking your comment with your Gravatar!! Gravatars are the small images that appear next to your name in comments and will automatically appear once you sign up at Gravatar and enter your email below!

Shipping only to US and Canada.

Contest ends Wednesday December 30, 2009. for more


This is a pretty bad way to spend the holidays:
Enjoy your new board. (Don’t sell it!!)
Stepchild Winner