GoPro’s “12 Days of Christmas” giveaways: win a Capita Stairmaster Extreme

Now that you have seen Mike Ravelson and Mark Wilson’s Sierra video, go to SNOWBOARDER's Facebook page to enter GoPro's "12 Days Of Christmas" giveaway. Today we will be gifting a new Capita Stairmaster Extreme at 5pm PST. Enter once, and you have a chance to win every day for the next 10 days. On Christmas Day, we'll be holding a bonus giveaway of three Woodward Tahoe Camp scholarships. Today's giveaway is a brand new Capita Stairmaster Extreme. Enter the giveaway here.

Feliz Rav-idad. p: Ben Birk 

Mark Wilson agrees that the Rome SDS is totally cooler than the Rome LDS. p: Ben Birk

Butter top bread is starchy, but good.p: Ben Birk

The term "footage" refers to a foot of actual film and therefore should never be applied to anything shot digitally. p: Ben Birk

Steel pipes are much easier to jib than corn cob pipes. p: Ben Birk

This flat down is probably much colder than goose down. p: Ben Birk

This andrecht by Mike Rav might be giving poinsettia's a run for their money as the official plant of Christmas. p: Mike Yoshida