Method Madness Grand Prize Winner Announced

Confession: SNOWBOARDER loves methods.

Just to set the record straight. We like other grabs too; stalefish, japan, a good indy, but none so much as our beloved method. So pure, so beautiful, so glorious, and so hard to do right. That’s where picking a winner to this contest grew challenging, with so many different varieties of methods , declaring one that is better than another is a matter of opinion. Fortunately for us (and the snowboard community) we have Pat Bridges at our editorial helm, whose point of view is more “snowboard law” and less “opinion”.

As a group we had gathered and whittled the 12 finalists down to 5, but our many opinions were butting up against each other. Some liked the old school, some liked the soul methods, some liked the skate inspired, and some liked the straight up balls to the wall. After 7 hours we hadn’t budged, this is when Pat mounted the soapbox and delivered a speech proving one method undeniable superior to the rest. What was said in the speech is unknown, we all blacked out,  but at it’s conclusion a day had passed and only one method remained.

Congratulations Ramrod.


With a method like this and a brand new 2011 Burton Method, Ramrod might be the next President.

Check out Ramrod’s competition and if you have an opinion of your own please voice it in the comments section.
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