Open Caption: August 2011

Rider: Tim Eddy. Photo: Mike Yoshida

This contest has ended. Congrats to Mikey for submitting this caption “With all the backcountry sled access going on these days, Tim Eddy gets environmentally concious and tries to lessen his carbon footprint by leaving a double hand print instead. Tim Eddy – Ho Ho plant, somewhere in California.”

What do we have here? This trick being performed by K2 Snowboards team rider Tim Eddy is the notoriously obnoxious two-handed invert known as a "ho ho." (Wait for it…Wait for it…) If Tim weren't listed on the K2 website as an am, one might call this a pro ho ho. Har har. Alas, we digress. What you need to know about the ho ho is that in most circumstances, it is a no-no. Sure, they're fun to play with, but so are devil sticks; being fun doesn't mean you don't look stupid while messing around with them. That said, as seen here with the log and river gap and done gloveless on the over-vert dirt bank, this ho ho actually looks like a sketchy stunt and, dare we say it, respectable. This means that Tim Eddy can take his place alongside Santa Claus and Don "Magic" Juan as a master of ho ho-ing. Now for the Open Caption bit… SNOWBOARDER is putting the task of captioning this ho ho photo into our readers' hands. Just provide us with your wittiest caption for this image in the comment section below. The reader/writer whose entry most entertains the SNOWBOARDER staff will then get their mitts on a new pair of bindings courtesy of K2 Snowboards.

*Contest ends Aug. 31st

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