Open Caption: February 2011

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Mikey LeBlanc. Baldface Lodge, BC. Photo: Ashley Barker

Mikey LeBlanc may be snowboarding's funnyman, but his riding is nothing to laugh at. As one of the most celebrated snowboarders in the world at the turn of the century, Mikey stepped away from Whitey, Mack Dawg, and KidsKnow films, opting to run two companies instead of a generator. That's not to say the dude isn't still a driving force in modern-day snowboarding—he routinely gets more days on-hill than most, and once strapped in, it's both heavy and hilarious. This month's Open Caption contest features Mikey in a clown suit dropping off the roof of Baldface Lodge in interior BC. Whoever submits the best caption will win a brand spankin' new Holden jacket, courtesy of Mikey and friends. All you have to do is write down your wittiest caption in the comment section below and the editors here at SNOWBOARDER will choose the entry that best fits the photo. We're not clowning around this time. We're looking for a laugh, so polish off the punchlines and get after it.