Open Caption week 1 photo

Matt Guess, Summit-At-Snoqualmie, WA | Photo: Huggy

This contest is closed. Check out the Open Caption section for the latest one.

Writing captions can be hit or miss, kinda like doing fastplants. The good news is that when you blow it on a caption your nuts remain intact. (Unless, of course, you piss off a hack photographer wasting space in the frame.) Well, SNOWBOARDER is asking all those readers who claim that they can caption better than us to put up or shut up. Leave your caption as a comment for the photo above and the person who comes up with the best caption as judged by the SNOWBOARDER staff will win a pair of Eero Ettala’s brand-new signature DVS sneakers, “Torey Snow”. Fodder for potential captions can include the Summit-at-Snoqualmie’s Holy Oly, which is where this photo was shot, Euro Gap, which is the movie Eero is currently filming for, and the illustrious Ricky Melnik, who happens to be the DVS Shoes snow TM and the subject of two separate Peter’s Colon columns. The contest ends when the next issue comes out.

Open Caption Prize Week 1


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